Fact. I am a true Couch Potato.

Fact. The Apple Ipad2 is stronger than it looks.

These, I have proven to myself without a doubt. How, you ask?

Recently, I had the misfortune of falling down the stairs with my ipad.

Luckily, I was able to hang on the railings and so stop in the middle of the stairs. My ipad was not so lucky. It gracelessly fell down to the last steps.

But due to the extreme pain I was feeling at that time, I didn’t noticed the ignoble fate my ipad had, for my attention was focused on screaming at the top of my lungs. That is, to let everyone know within shouting distance how much in pain I was. I’m not one to suffer in silence.

After the debacle, we found out to our surprise that the ipad sustained not even a scratch. Surprise? Yes, I am. I was not expecting the ipad to be capable of avoiding any damage after such a fall.

But for me, I wasn’t so lucky. Couldn’t handle the pain (I have low-threshold of pain) and so went to the hospital emergency. Waited for a loooong time to have my xray, only to find out that the doctors have no experience handling bone injuries, but told I had chip fracture, had a cast on my left foot, then advised to go to another ortho doctor for a second opinion.

Now comes to why I believe I may be a true-blue couch potato…

Because even after having a cast, and thus no mobility at all for the first few weeks (because of the pain and the cast), my activities for the past few weeks really didn’t change AT ALL.

There is no activity to be curtailed. No plans to be postponed.

I am still where I am, doing what I do every day… The cast didn’t affect anything except I have a hard time going to the comfort room and I have my food brought up to my room (which is a plus).

What it boils down to is, cast or not, my life goes on seamlessly.

I’m in love with this manga.

Although I sometimes feel a bit irritated with the protagonist Onodera Ritsu’s insistence that he has no feelings for Takano Masamune, but then that is just my impatience talking. I guess you cannot hurry love after all.

I also feel that the side characters’ stories also help with me not feeling bored with the manga, their stories are also cute! Although sometimes I kind of want to find out more about Ritsu and Takano before the mangaka finds it necessary to switch to another character’s storyline. But I guess that’s the way to make us hunger for more. Wise mangaka!

I know I’m pretty late with this, but I just finished watching episode 5 of the anime. So many “kyaa!” moments, it’s a good thing I’m alone in my room right now. I’m currently wasted due to severe heart palpitations!

I find it a little hard watching at first, because the colors of the anime was so light I sometimes find it hard distinguishing features. I don’t know if it’s because of my computer’s setting, whatever, I got used to it so it’s ok.

I am soo in love with Takano Masamune right about now!

My sis and I bought a new one just last month, although she doesn’t get to use it very often because of work. I, on the other hand, uses it a lot! I wake up and it’s the second thing I look for (the first is my glasses). I use it even while eating. Yup, that’s how crazy I am at the moment. What do I use it for? Need you ask?

To read manga, of course! And it’s very convenient for me. I could read while lying on my bed, sitting at Starbucks or Seattle’s Best, basically everywhere I go I bring it along with me!

Well, anyway, christmas had come and gone. This year I don’t think I enjoyed it very much.    I wasn’t the one who decorated the house, I ended up delegating my gift shopping. I think I was in “hibernation”, and woke up just in time to see christmas come to an end. I hope next year would be better. In the meantime, there’s the celebration for the new year to look forward to.

I wasn’t able to complete Simbang Gabi. Part of me is pretty disappointed about it because then I will not be able to make a wish. Pretty stupid and selfish of me to attend mass for that reason, I know. But I tried it once and by some coincidence my wish came true. And I was hoping to make another one this year. Well, I guess it was not meant to be.

I’ve decided that instead of making a wish and hoping it will come true, I WILL MAKE IT COME TRUE FOR ME. I thought about it, and really, my wish is attainable, if only I have the fortitude to see it through to the end.

Now my goal is clear for the new year. I am hoping that through hard work and perseverance, I will get my reward.

Good luck, me…


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Remember the time I mentioned that due to my reading manga my preference for a guy changed? From liking a guy to be well-built (rrripped!) to liking a skinny guy? Yeah, that happened. I realize something weird when I started to give a second look to a lanky guy in a mall. I caught myself having a second look, and totally felt mystified why I’m doing so. I now pointed to manga as the cause of all that. Because most heroes in the manga are lanky, skinny guy and because I’m easily influenced, I became attracted to that kind of guy. Sheesh!

Now here’s the weird part. Yesterday at another mall, I saw two guys who are obviously a couple (holding hands) and I was absolutely thrilled about it! Darn it! That’s not how I usually react to a gay couple. But there’s no question about it! It happened twice, with different couples but definitely having the same reaction from me! It was a definite “kyaa!” moment for me there.

That, I attributed to the fact that I’m reading a lot of yaoi manga at the moment.

Sigh… I realized a very serious fact about me. I’m so easily influenced by what I read that I have to be careful about what I read!

But, I’m still going to read yaoi manga. There’s no law that says I can’t be happy seeing gay couples, right?

Hahaha! I’m really weird! It will take a lot of guts for some guy to like me this way! =)

Today, I spent the day downloading my favorite manga (of course, I started with yaoi!) from Manga Trader in between finishing reading Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and filing some files and doing other stuffs that should have been finished a week ago (oops!). I bought an 8G flashdrive for this. Been thinking about buying a bigger memory hard drive to store everything, but right now I’ll make do with what I have.

Also started buying yaoi manga online. I’ll receive it next year, by January. But I also bought 3 manga from Fully Booked at the Promenade in Greenhills, only it’s so expensive (P799 per book) that I’m thinking of buying online next time, or just download it for free at Manga Traders.

Either way, I wanted my own copy. At least, those that I like to read again. Maybe because I’m so used to having a personal copy of the books I like that I’m not satisfied with just reading them online. Unfortunately, the manga that I like to have a copy of are not yet licensed (Fujisaki Kou, help!), so in the meantime I’ll have to make do with reading them online. Sniff… Sniff…

I was also excited to see that the manga I was currently reading, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, was made into an anime. I was not in an anime mood lately so I’m way behind on any news about anime. So I’m pleasantly surprise to see this one and will watch it later to compare.

Anyway, all this and still no one to talk to about this stuff. It really is fun when you have someone to talk to about a new hobby you started. Sigh, I’m feeling lonely at this very moment.

My first ever manga (yay!):

What’s up, Doc?

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Today is my check up with my doctor. I’m always embarrassed to be seen sitting in the waiting area, because I’m always the youngest patient there. I feel that, unlike the other patients waiting with me, I have no right to waste the doctor’s time because I’m still quite young to complain about high blood pressure, etc. That unlike the others, it’s not old age but unhealthy lifestyle that put me there in the first place.

I am soo not looking forward to telling my doc why I was worse than the last time when I had my check up, when he lectured me on what to eat and on what to do to get healthy. Definitely not looking forward to admitting that everything he said was followed only a couple of weeks!

That is why I’m really fired up to get well this time. I definitely don’t want to show my face in his office again. Not that he’s a bad doctor, far from it. He’s great, gives you a lot of confidence in his abilities and knows how to talk to his patients without sounding condescending. Just don’t want to see him, because it means I suck at following simple orders. Period.

Where is the Love?

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My bestfriend refused to watch the anime Kyou Kara Maoh because she thought that it was yaoi.

My sister told me that she could never even think of reading a yaoi manga. Ever.

My brother’s reaction… Yuck! Ugh! Hwack!

These are the people I know IRL who reads manga. Who the heck can I talk to when I want to talk about yaoi? Especially when I just find out that one of the yaoi manga that I’m currently enjoying reading is in fact also an anime (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)?

So here I am, feeling thrilled and grinning to myself, while waiting for the movie to download.

It’s such a shame that I can’t share the love… what a waste…