Top 15 Manga Heroes

Well, I tried to make it only 10 but I almost went crazy!! From the list, I found that there’s a trend on what kind of a hero I usually like…

1. Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

2. Ojiro Kazuma (Faster than a Kiss)

3. Kagetora (Shinobi Life)

4. Aoi Leo (Beastmaster)

5. Shimizu Toshi (Five)

6. Gui (1/2 Prince)

7. Garaku Yasuaki (Happy Hustle High)

8. Igarashi Rakuto (Arakure)

9. Izumi Sano (Hana Kimi)

10. Tsukasa (Yoru Made Matenai)

11. Itou Kunio (Boku ni Natta Watashi)

12. Aram (Meru Puri)

13. Vivi (Hana to Akuma)

14. Masamune Asuka (Otomen)

15. Sahara Taki (Max Lovely)

  1. Jay-D says:

    where’s goku!

    • cassiel217 says:

      Oh, I made the list based on my personal preference at the time I wrote the list, not based on popularity of the hero or its manga/anime. If I made the list when I was in college, I might have included Goku in the list since I liked watching the anime when I was in college. =)

  2. zerolr says:

    I’m surprised… I read a lot of manga and looking at this list, I hardly managed to recongized any that I know of *cries*

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